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Comunidad Villacana
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Information for Residents at Villacana


As a resident of Villacana, you will know the wonderful benefits of living or holidaying here but, as with all things in life, with the benefits come responsibilities!


Please take a few minutes to read the following:


Do's & Don'ts

(A few rules designed to keep Villacana running as smoothly and safely as we can, so we can all enjoy it to the full.)


Statutes of the Community of Proprietors of Villacana

(The Statutes are an agreed set rules and regulations by which the Community is governed.)


A Guide for Owners

(The guide provides a primary source of information about owning a property in Villacana.)


Interested in boats?

One of our owners in Villacana has a share of a boat on offer.



£2800 plus £75 per month - covers all costs (mooring, servicing, repairs, etc etc),


Moored on Pantalon 7 in Estepona Marina, Sandra IV is a fast fisher/sports boat, suitable for; Dolphin watching, fishing, skiing, bananas, doughnuts and other toys, or simply for just a pleasure boat trip out to the surrounding waters.

The boat is a Quicksilver 630 commander WA, 21 feet long with a Mercury 115hp outboard.

We have had the boat for many years and it is regularly serviced and antifouled each year.

One of the owners lives in Spain and uses the boat once a month, and the other, holidays a couple of weeks a year in Spain.

Due to lack of use, two other owners have now left the syndicate and we are looking for two more.

Owners are responsible for petrol and oil usage and are required, by law, to have a speedboat licence, and should have some knowledge of boats.

If you are interested, email greg.nutkins@btinternet.com